Blast from the Past: Maja Dlugolecki

We’re kicking off this retrospective of exhibitions by throwing it back to our first artist residency at La Casa MX (RIP) with Maja Dlugolecki.

Our artist residency program was a space for creators to come collaborate with nature and other artists (both locally, as well as creative passerby of the boutique hotel).

Mexico City may have been the more obvious place to host this experience, but after seeing how the Trippin Team was able to execute their business from the magical setting of Zihuatanejo, we knew that this place was laced with creative inspiration. The lush flora and the rich jewel toned skyline were excellent points of references to get the creative juices flowing. It also doesn’t hurt that we’re by the sea—that just promotes good living.

We caught up with Maja to discuss inspiration, process and more. Below are her works from her time in Zihuatanejo. If you’re interested in any pieces from the collection, please send a private message to @maijkah ☀️

Happy scrolling!

*The choice of casing was made by Maja and to honor her orthography language, we did not change it.

How did you begin your career as an artist? 
my father ran the family business from home, so i was influenced by his entrepreneurial flair at an early age. in college i studied graphic design, which influenced my understanding of composition and color theory. i started designing for small lifestyle brands while studying, and by the time i graduated i was ready to jump into it full time. a couple years later i was coping with a breakup and found painting to be a cathartic process, which breathed new life into my creative lung. embracing my newfound freedom as an individual and an artist propelled me to move into a new realm of expression.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
in the beginning i drew a lot of inspiration from the greats, i still do today. as my practice and as i myself grow, i find inspiration in my own world view. in daily interactions or moments in time. i like translating the smell of a hot summer day into shades of blue, green, and yellow. when i work on a commission i’m also creating work which speaks to the experiences from the collectors own story. 

What is your favorite part of the process?
my favorite part is also the most difficult part. the push and pull of the middle layers, liking some areas, disliking others, adding and subtracting color, all of this makes the stroke that finishes the piece so sweet and satisfying.

Tell us what mediums you primarily use?
acrylic and oil paints. 

Which one is your favorite right now?
current favorites are:

  • ‘how you make me feel [alive]’
  • ‘things i collected at the beach’ shown here in the collector’s home
  • a field study from joshua tree, framed by emily johnson

Do you have any memorable moments from your career?
it’s hard to pick just one. i’ve had the privilege of traveling around the world to paint, and have collaborated with some incredible artists and brands. but the most memorable moments for me are the ones where i witness the way someone connects with my work, and we share the human understanding of something that can’t be expressed through words.

Bonus! Listen to Maja’s current Spotify rotation HERE!