A boutique bed and breakfast for the modern traveler or group.

This previously abandoned home was lost to the jungle but found by the creatives of LOOT and Howl. Converted with a minimal aesthetic approach, the property has been reborn into a pop-up hotel. It’s a hideout overlooking the slow motion of Zihuatanejo Bay, where anything you want can happen.


See the surf break across the bay at Las Gatas in a secret getaway close to everything, but up above it all. The beach of Playa La Ropa stretches around the western wall of Zihuatanejo Bay, dotted with restaurants and soft sands.

That’s where you’ll find LOOT, an ever-evolving design destination just a short trip from El Centro. In downtown Zihua, visit La Cancha, see the local fishing boats and markets; shop, dance, and take it all in.

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The Modern Traveller

Meet at LOOT: Surf & Lifestyle Store at Blvd La Ropa 55. Unwind and get checked in. Don’t worry about your bags. There is no elevator, but you can entrust our staff with your needs.

Browse the store and use the concierge service to reserve toys and place food orders. Take the Jeep up to La Casa. Climb the staircases and arrive to LA CASA MX.


Common Spaces

Lounge and share the space with other travellers or relax, love, and visit in private.

Revel in the humid Zihua landscape, shadowed by satisfying curiosities in the story of this place. Embrace a natural, minimalist aesthetic with a warm palette and curated products.

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Serene Privacy

Large rooms and mesmerizing ocean views from each floor offer secluded space with private bathrooms, outdoor bathing spaces, and quiet terraces.

Count on wi-fi, a safe, and a locking door in every room.

There are 4 rooms with 1 king-sized bed, and 3 rooms with 2 double beds.

All rooms include personal bathrooms.

A stay in La Casa MX is about comfort, cleanliness, and simplicity, with the right amenities. The decor in the rooms are for your tranquil and holistic usage.

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Gatherings and Productions

Intended to draw inspired individuals, groups, and productions. Anything that requires crisp views, clean and cool aesthetic and serene privacy. Fashion shoots, pre-recordings, mezcal presentations, culinary explorations, yoga trips; it’s a captivating haven for generating an eccentric beauty.

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Adventure to other spots along the coastline for an original experience.

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  • Room #1 has 2 double beds, full bathroom with a stand-up shower, mini fridge, and private french doors that open up to a pool overlooking the bay of Zihuatanejo.  This is the only room that has a private entrance to a pool.  It is on the lowest level of the house.
  • Room#2 has one king bed, a full bathroom, a private terrazza that overlooks the bay of Zihuatanejo, and also on the terrazza of this room is a pallapa bed with a grass roof for lounging.  It is on the lowest level of the house.  
  • Room #3 has one king bed, a full bathroom including a private outdoor bathtub, hammock, indoor stand-up shower, walk-in closet, and a private terrazza overlooking the bay of Zihuatanejo.  This room is a bit higher than the lowest level and offers a beautiful view. 
  • Room #4 has one king bed, a full bathroom including a private outdoor shower, an indoor shower and bathtub, walk-in closet, and a private terrazzo overlooking the bay of Zihuatanejo.  This Room is on the second level of the house.
  • Room #5 and #6 both have full bathrooms and showers, but do not have a private terrazza and also both have 2 single beds.
  • Room #7 is the penthouse suite!  It is on the top floor of the house and offers the most covered closet space of the house.  It has a full bathroom with a stand-up shower, and the best private terrazza view overlooking the bay of Zihuatanejo.