Bored in the house

Quarantine is great practice for staying peaceful, which to be honest would be easier if we could do a little smurfin’, but beaches are closed (que lastima). To cure your beachside blues, here are a couple of videos from local videographer Heiko Bothe. We’re giving you the best of both worlds with some wave dancing on tablas and tablitas. Instead of fighting the anxiety, let’s embrace this change of pace and remind ourselves to enjoy the ride. So slip into something comfy and enjoy this mental meditation.

We recommend pairing Tous on the Nous with a joint and fresh fish tacos. It’s the perfect vessel to get your brain to transport itself to some slow rolling fun ones (ah, try saying that three times fast).

It’s an all you can eat buffet of barrels with Alex Chacon as he surfs some secret spots in Zihuatanejo—do you think you can locate this beach break?

*FYI, he didn’t just get lost in Mexico. Apparently he went MIA after filming Perdido en Mexico. Rumor has it he escaped to the jungles of Brazil to become a monk.