FF editions

FiFi Projects (First+First) is a scene from a minimalist dream. A contemporary art gallery focused on established and emerging artists, FiFi Projects offers a two-fold of artistic enterprise. They present a traditional gallery schedule with varying exhibitions, as well as maintaining a non-profit institutional program for higher education. FiFi works in conjunction with universities and museums of Mexico to bridge the gap between academia, arts and the public sphere. It is a place to learn, grow and engage within the international community of contemporary art. Locations include Roma Norte, Mexico City, San Pedro, Garza-Garcia and Wynwood, Miami.


If FiFi Projects were a person, a successful and established gallerist leading by experience, then FF Editions would be their extended family of like-mindedness. A few years younger and scattered across the globe, FF Editions are a family of cousins, each with their own atmospheres that define the context with which their galleries reside. There are strict parameters for each FF Editions gallery, keeping consistency with the original project and its intentions, but with Within these spaces, FiFi Projects extends itself and presents art to new cities and communities. LOOT Zihuatanejo is proud to be the rebel child and home of FF Edition’s tropical gallery.

It is no new news. Zihuatanejo is home to artists of all kinds; from all places and of all backgrounds. So the story goes, this city by the bay has been attracting makers for a very long time, and it continues to do so to this day. It is a haven for creatives and a paradise that incites the freedom of ideas. LOOT is driven by the creativity of this city, inspired by the ocean, and exists to give voice and eyes to its community of artists. Located on our Mezzanine level, FF Editions allows LOOT to showcase an artist’s work in a way that not only is an exhibition but a place within an international art enterprise. It is something surreal; bringing art out of context and placing it in setting that is imaginative, genuine and truly creative.

If you find yourself in Mexico City, Monterrey or Miami... drop into these clean, white spaces and come out with a contemporary high. For information on check their website. http://www.fifiprojects.net/