coffee x deli

We are proud of our coffee, so we source the beans personally to assure the entire process is as local and sustainable as possible. A morning or afternoon with us provides the perfect environment for working or relaxing. 

Our menu is international so there is an option for everyone. A green juice, avocado toast and fresh fruit. Or, enchiladas veracruzanas and an espresso. LOOT is a place to recharge and relax


Monday through Saturday
8 am till 11 pm



Sometimes, you need a long brunch that extends into the afternoon. Ceviches and mariscos to soak up whatever trouble you got into the night before, with a Miche-loot on the side. For the times you crave a classic breakfast, quick and guaranteed to hit the spot. 


Monday through Saturday
8 am till 1pm



The Rooftop at LOOT

At LOOT, one may ascend the staircase, past the mezzanine, and enter The Rooftop to find a space entirely it’s own. While the ground level of LOOT is playful and full of color, The Rooftop is a bit more mature and mischievous. It is somewhere to tuck into the lush corners of a terrace and sip a cocktail with a loved one, before indulging in a delicious meal. Somewhere a little darker and more private.

The Rooftop offers a fine dining experience with a menu comprised of only the finest local and foreign ingredients. Head Chef Sonia trained in classic French cooking technique, then went on to apply her love for contemporary Mexican cuisine, resulting in a truly unique palate.

With a second bar tailored to the intimacy of the space, we specialise in hand-crafted cocktails and offer an extensive wine list, as well as collection of top-shelf liquors. If you´re craving an evening of stimulated senses, head up to The Rooftop.


Our kitchen can be described as casual fine dining. A combination of local and foreign ingredients with traditional and contemporary cooking techniques. A true fusion. We promote our passion through various culinary techniques, respecting the products and an incomparable service in order to provide the best experience.

Monday through Saturday  
6PM till close


An evening in LOOT is an all-sensory experience, and our bar is no exception. Offering something unique to the area, we craft cocktails using all house-made ingredients and infusions. For example, we like to play with local flavor so we have used Oaxacan coffee to infuse mezcal for a rich and aromatic drink that bites. 

Monday - Saturday  
Downstairs 1PM till 5PM
Upstairs 6PM till Close


The Rooftop at LOOT is designed so that, in addition to offering private tables, we invite guests to join friends and fellow travelers at a large community table in the center. We pride ourselves on accommodating parties of any and all sizes. If you have any questions or special requests, just ask! Our bartenders know what they are doing- so our drinks are really something you should come sip slowly.

Come hang with us, We are here to make your evening a memorable one. Please call us directly for group reservations at (755) 544-6038.


LOOT is a space where anything is possible. If you have an idea, we want to make it happen. The crazier, the better. Anniversaries, weddings and wedding rehearsals, birthdays, bachelorette parties, reunions. You name it and we will do all in our power to create the perfect event.