Before Mexi Log Fest, there was ZankaFest

Sun-kissed güeros, man buns, surf rats and city folks congregated here in Playa la Ropa to partake in ZankaFest—our very first LOOT project. A festival that brought together an incredible celebration of national and international exponents of art, music and surf back when we first opened.

The sun remained high, as well as the stoke level, and the day wasn’t even over. The main event was the surf tournament, which was filled with good vibes, high fives and everyone running in and out of the waters offering to borrow boards and relieving themselves from the heat.

Simultaneously, a multi-media art exhibition was going on where artists like Alejandro Fuentevilla’s Waves, a visual diary of surf culture in Mexico, and Rumors, a Mark Kronemeyer film were showcasing. Mexican urban artists like: Mocre, Saner, Seher One e Itzel Nájera “NEWS” connected to take over the town and paint murals with a mission to raise environmental awareness through art.

As the sun dipped down into the horizon the crowd got together to celebrate as a host of musicians played. The lineup included Veronica Vasicka, Ewan Pearson, Otto Von Schirach, Kid606, Eddie Mercury, Lemonade, Caloncho, Dan Solo, Salón Acapulco, Silverio, Alex Dellarge, Claus Chunds, Malandro and Íñigo. The evening went on into la madrugada in true Zanka fashion.

Words by Rascha Jelks

Watch the video below to relive the memories!