LOOT CDMX gallery opened as a venue to cultivate love and art this past Tuesday, September 26th, on Calle Guanajuato 227.


In the aftermath a serious earthquake just a week before, the show brought together close friends and artists, without media coverage, for an intimate gathering in the affected district of Roma Norte.

After its exhibition in Zona Maco Foto, the photo collection from Miami art gallery, Momentum Fine Art, arrived for a collaboration suitably called LOOT MOMENTUM. With the desire to keeping art flowing through everyone’s heart in a time of uncertainty in the Republic of Mexico, we provided a space for coming together face-to-face, hugging, and feeding our eyes with images of hope and beauty.

The exhibition consisted of 40 pieces by eight national and international artists: Formento + Formento (USA), Ole Marius Joergensen (Norway), Mária Svarbová (Slovakia), Jiro Ishihara (Japan), Floria Gonzalez, Pierre Fudaryali, Patricia Carrington and Alfredo de Stefano (México). We had multiple Latin Grammy-winner, Leonel García, part of the duet Sin Bandera, in charge of the sounds while Carlos Sustaita and Daniel Ponce simultaneously covered the back wall with improvised video projections.

Born in Zihuatanejo, LOOT is a growing platform; mixing with the various talents hosted by Mexico City, as it holds its place as a contemporary design mecca. Generating fresh content from a lifestyle of exploration and human quality, LOOT expands with the desire to connect. This new creative studio will be utilized to experiment with music, design, plastic arts, gastronomy and interdisciplinary fusions.

When LOOT CDMX welcomed visitors for the first time, its effect was not what we had expected; it was even more special and unforgettable. The event reminded us to be thankful about the pretty little things, to connect and be there to share stories and emotions from one of the most surreal weeks in many people’s lives. Now we are no longer strangers. LOOT CDMX, an independent headquarters in the mexican capital, invites you to gather and make ideas happen. Consider yourself introduced.