A city girl with a soft spot for the beach, Scarlett has been making her way south and visiting Zihuatanejo more and more with every chance she gets. On our August rendezvous, the beautiful powerhouse packed more projects into a week- extended to ten days- than we’d ever thought feasible, and caught waves in between! She continued with Desnudo Diario, her growing enterprise of line-drawn beauties mysteriously wheat-pasted throughout the streets of Boston, New York, Mexico City, and now Zihuatanejo, hosted LOOT’s first Bare-Ass Brunch, a morning figure drawing session, and left us with a glorious and colossal cactus mural behind the DJ booth.

Scarlett’s story is one of talent, bravery and ambition. That one flower in the garden that catches your attention. I found her to be someone not only up for a challenge, but invigorated by it. A modern woman who isn’t afraid to make a hard decision and prove herself. She’s talented- so incredibly talented- but a lot of the time talent alone doesn’t make an artist successful. It's about patience and depth of heart. It’s an enduring confidence in oneself, a proving time and time again that you can, which gives art its true voice.