Soul Motor Co. is an incredible team of industrial engineers and artists with a passion for the rebuilding and refurbishing of motorcycles. Andrés Saavedra, founder and creative director of LOOT, began a relationship with the Mexico City motorcycle company out of his personal love for riding.

Quickly, the two realized that many ideals of Soul Motor Co. align with LOOT and a partnership was established. It is a lust for living, and living free that unites those who simply cannot exist any other way. It’s a willingness, better yet an obligation, to take risks for the feeling of being alive. It is all for an undeniable connection with the Earth, whether it be two wheels on asphalt or a board in the water. Since each bike that Soul Motor Co. builds is custom and tailor-made, LOOT X Soul collaborations reveal one-of-a-kind bikes that prove to be embodiments of these ideals.

“Everything that needed to be said has already been said. The freedom. The adventure. The wind in your face. It’s been said so many times that it all starts to sound like a cliche. Like a diluted version of ourselves, but here is the thing- deep inside we know what really is needed to live a great life. It’s boldness. Boldness to take your very first steps and risk everything for the dream that no one else sees, but us. Boldness to ignore everybody that tells you to get a real life. They don’t understand. We know that great things and living a great life involves taking great risks. Nothing happens if we don't set things in motion. We learn the rules, and then we break them. We approach our passions with reckless abandon. We don’t fake it, we can’t. They don't understand. But for those who do, the ones that took a leap of faith, those that could live any other way, life reveals a reality that it won’t disclose to those who make no effort. And it is because it has so much to give, and give itself lavishly, to those who cannot settle for less. That we choose this kind of life. That is what they don’t understand. And they never will.”