An ideal reflection of LOOT’s core beliefs, MALIN + GOETZ is a family-owned-and-operated skincare line from New York City. The founders started their business when they sought natural, sensitive skin care and simply could not find the products they were looking for. Rooted in the glory of traditional apothecary, MALIN + GOETZ began with two owners living a few blocks from their brick and mortar, hand-testing and creating each product or fragrance. 

Their perfumes and candles are the perfect gift (for yourself or others.) Indulgent and luxurious. Their line grew quickly as the public recognized the quality and integrity of their creations, which can now be found worldwide. Despite this success, they have maintained a commitment to producing locally and supporting other small, family-operated manufacturers.

At LOOT we believe in products such as these, not only for their numerous benefits, but for the sustainability and fairness at the heart of their brand. We carry a full-range of their products.