Sound Bath Healing

Hit pause on the dread and anxiety of looming deadlines, unfinished assignments or just everyday stressors and come reset and recharge with a meditative sound bath. In this class, Blanca will guide you into a deep meditative state while you’re enveloped in soothing and empowering vibrations of the quartz crystal bowls. Each bowl creates a frequency that is keyed to the energy centers of the body, feeding nutrition for the nervous system. The results are waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation of the mind and body.

We recommend wearing warm, comfortable clothes and bringing water. You can also bring blankets of a pillow if you really want to sink into the experience.

Class begins at 11AM
Cost: $250 MXN
šŸ“Guanajuato 227, Roma Norte

The effects of crystal singing bowls are immediate:
* Stress Reduction and Relaxation
* Relief from Depression and Anxiety
* Reduction of Pain
* Enhanced Energy Levels
* Better Sleep
* Chakra Healing
* Spiritual Healing
* Instantaneous Relaxation
* Energetic Balance
* Establish a Healthy Environment

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath