Welcome friends and family!

Howdy, hello, hola, hi!

Who would have thought a world-wide pandemic would be the catalyst to get our blog up? But hey, we’re rolling with the punches.

For a lot of us mandated time at home can be hard. Like polar bear plunges, some can charge at that challenge with ease, while others tip toe their way in. And whether you’re one or the other, the initial plunge is shocking to the system…maybe even painful. But with time, discomfort turns to tolerance. And then the body gets used to this state of being.

So be patient, and do what you have to in order to take care of your body and mind. If stress eating soothes you, then let gluttony take reign for a day or two. If art n crafts distracts the mind, then whip out the glitter, acrylics and what not. Get weird with conspiracy theories, learn to sit in silence—whatever that thing is that helps you indulge less in panic, anxiety and worry, do it. And that’ll look different person to person, so don’t get hung up that you’re not like Karen over there getting buff on virtual HIT classes on YouTube while making banana bread from scratch.